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The financial aid process can be confusing and so
is filing the application for federal student aid.
Get the help you need from the nation's oldest
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We are a FAFSA preparation and filing service dedicated to helping students and their parents complete
and file their FAFSA application form quickly, accurately and on time.

When Filing Your Fafsa Application

  • Simplify and expedite the application process
  • Maximize your eligibility for student aid
  • Get an accuracy review with a 450-point FAFSACheck™ Process
  • Have your FAFSA application tracked daily
  • Receive personal help from our specialist advisors

Using a FAFSA Preparer

Like filing your taxes, the
FAFSA can be filed for free
via paper or electronic forms
without professional assistance
at Many
people however, choose to
use a FAFSA preparer, just
like a tax preparer, to provide
personal advice, consultation
and review of their important
FAFSA application.

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